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Periodontal Treatment and Maintenance

Periodontal Care in Etobicoke

Although strong oral health is an essential factor in overall wellness and quality of life, many individuals still experience some form of gum disease.  Gum sensitivity, inflammation, or mild bleeding of the gums are often thought to be routine, but they are not.  The truth is, these symptoms are commonly the initial warning signs of gum disease in its earliest form, gingivitis. 

Even though gingivitis is the easiest stage to reverse and treat, the condition should not be taken lightly as if it left to progress, it can lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a more aggressive and complex form of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss as well as other serious overall health complications. 

 At Orchard Dental Care, our Etobicoke dental care professionals, Dr. Elizabeth Polanski, along with their team, are dedicated to helping patients throughout Ontario achieve optimal oral health once more through compassionate periodontal diagnosis, treatment and maintenance. 

Why Addressing Periodontal Conditions is so Important 

In the early stages of gum disease, there are few symptoms, and many individuals with the infection don’t seek treatment until their condition has worsened. If left to progress further, the plaque that builds up on teeth will harden, turning into tartar. Regular brushing and flossing will not be enough for the buildup to be properly removed.  

The following are often common symptoms of gum disease:

  • Bleeding gums when brushing and flossing
  • Exposure of tooth roots from gum recession
  • Swollen and sensitive gums
  • Sensitivity to temperature 
  • Loose teeth 
  • Toothaches or decay

Advanced gum disease can cause permanent damage to the smile, making everyday function uncomfortable or impossible. It is our top priority Orchard Dental Care to prevent your smile from reaching this point and to preserve natural teeth from extraction or extensive dental care as much as possible.

When the initial signs of periodontal disease are discovered early on, Dr. Elizabeth Polanski and Dr. Martin Szczutkowski can provide the right treatment recommendations to address you or your loved one’s periodontal condition efficiently.

Our Treatment Options for Helping You Achieve Optimal Gum Health

New and existing patients visiting Orchard Dental Care in need of gum disease treatment can rest assured in their care. During your comprehensive consultation, our team conducts a thorough, yet gentle examination to detect if signs of periodontal complications are indeed present. 

If it is determined that your current dental state is displaying signs of even the smallest amount of gum disease, we administer treatment right away. 

Our Etobicoke dental practice offers the following in gum disease therapy:

  • Patient Education 
  • Scaling and Root Planing 
  • Periodontal Deep Cleanings 
  • Cavitron Touch ™ Ultrasonic Scaling Treatment 
  • Periodontal Maintenance 

Drs. Polanski and Szczutkowski utilize a variety of innovative tactics to ensure you and your loved ones receive the best periodontal care possible.  Our entire dental team works with each patient to establish strong communication regarding prevention and treatment, encouraging patient awareness. 

We believe that educating patients is vital to the preventive care process. The more informed patients are, the more conscious they can be about the importance of implementing a strong oral hygiene routine as well as recognizing the tell-tale symptoms of developing gum disease.

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