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10 Years. 10 years is how long it took me to muster up the courage to get in to see a dentist again. Due to certain lifestyle choices and the accumulation of time it had been since my last dental check-up/visit, it became increasingly difficult as the years went by to get myself in. There was anxiety surrounding what could possibly be wrong after 10 years, there was the embarrassment of having to admit my 10 year absence and have someone examine my teeth after such a long time, and there was the always present underlying fact of simply not liking visits to the dentist based on past experiences (obviously).
I decided to start 2019 off right and try a new dentist. Dr. Szczutkowski and his team completely blew me away with how comfortable they made me feel. Not only were the services completed professionally and thoroughly, but I was educated along the way as to where I currently stood, and what the next steps were to reacclimate myself into the normal dental care “routine”.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and if you can believe it, can’t wait until my next visit in 6 months!
Thank you very much Dr. Szczutkowski and the Orchard Dental team!!

Anonymous, Burlington, Ontario