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Preventive Dentistry and Consultation

Preventive Dentistry and Consultation in Etobicoke, ON

Your oral health is the first line of defence against harmful bacteria invading the body through the mouth. As such, keeping your oral health in tip-top shape is just as important to your teeth as it is with the rest of your body.

That’s why Orchard Dental Care is adamant about helping patients improve their oral health care by providing routine cleaning and preventive treatments. We offer consultations for patients and parents to discuss the best methods of treatment for keeping smiles as beautiful as they are healthy. Schedule your appointment today.

Health, Wellness, and a Beautiful Smile

During visits to Orchard Dental Care, patients undergo a comprehensive oral evaluation with full digital x-rays to establish a reliable baseline for reference. This examination allows our dentist to identify possible infections and explore areas that may be of potential concern. Patients are able to view details of their smile onscreen in real-time, giving them greater insights to their own health and helping them to understand how our practice can improve their smile.

Once a baseline is established, we offer suggestions for future treatment and outline a dental hygiene plan tailored to the patient’s needs.

Preventive Treatments

Prophylaxis and anti-bacterial rinses help to rid deep pockets of bacteria harmful to oral health. Over time, bacteria and plaque harden to tartar and develop gingivitis and gum disease, forming deep pockets between teeth and gums. Anti-bacterial rinses eliminate bacteria from areas not able to be reached with regular brushing and flossing to prevent these issues from progressing. 

Fluoride rinses strengthen tooth enamel. Fluoride is an essential component needed in the remineralization of the outer layer of the tooth. Using a fluoride rinse avoids complications related to brittle and weak teeth.

Sealants fit over teeth susceptible to caries and help to prevent cavities and decay. Mostly used on molars with deep fissures, this keeps food out of hard to reach places and keeps smiles free from bacterial growth.

Helping you Develop Healthy Habits to Last a Lifetime 

As with any skill, practice makes good hygiene habits permanent. We assist our patients by providing them with the necessary information to continue maintaining their oral health throughout their lifetime. We help establish the habits that will improve oral health and ensure their smiles remain strong and resilient to last a lifetime.

We teach patients everything from how to brush to using a water pick for hard-to-reach areas that are missed by brushing, to help prevent dental complications like decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. We help by determining the best time of day as well as how frequently an oral hygiene routine should be practiced.  Knowing how to keep smiles free of bacteria and plaque is the first step to keeping a smile healthy for a lifetime. 

Call our practice to schedule a consultation with our dentist today, and explore options for improving your oral health


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